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5 stories of families connected by CaringBridge in 2014

At CaringBridge, we couldn’t do our work without you. We’re grateful to be made possible by the support of our compassionate donors and volunteers. Through your generosity, you’re impacting countless lives in ways you may not even know. Read the inspiring stories below to see just a few ways your support made a difference in 2014.

Life and Recovery after a Brain Aneurysm:

A brain aneurysm put Lisa on a new path. She says she would choose to do it again because of the all the good things that came out of it. Lisa says, “CaringBridge was a lifeline to process all that had happened to me. It is the most amazing tool for communication and it was available to us when we really needed it.”

CaringBridge Lessens the Load:

For Eddie, being diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor was start of a journey of spreading hope and encouragement. His wife Mary says, “CaringBridge helps us share our story. It benefits us knowing that others are being touched by our story and that we are helping others who are also facing cancer or other challenging situations.”

Colton’s Army Keeps Marching On:

Colton isn’t alone in his fifth battle with cancer. Through his CaringBridge website, his army is behind him every step of the way. Colton’s mom, Suzy, says, “CaringBridge makes it so more people are aware of what is going on and sending us love and support. It shows us how many people care and that makes a big difference.”

The Hardest Year:

Vivian never imagined that she’d need CaringBridge. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned to CaringBridge to process her cancer journey and receive support. Vivian says, “I’m grateful for CaringBridge and all the people behind the scenes who made it possible for me to stay connected and feel known and loved during the hardest year of my life.”

The Best Decision I Could Make:

During Julia’s three years of treatment for leukemia, her mom Joy relied on CaringBridge to keep everyone up to date. Joy says, “Using CaringBridge was definitely the best decision I possibly could have made at that point in our cancer journey. It felt incredible to have people all over the world checking in and sending us good thoughts, love and hugs.”

We’re grateful to the people who choose to bravely share their inspirational stories with us.

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