5 Inspirational Quotes on Finding Hope During a Pandemic

Patients and family caregivers using CaringBridge already have a lot going on—as you may know first-hand—without a global pandemic added to the mix.

But from those living every day with the unimaginable comes inspiration, and the strength and grace to keep going and take tomorrow as it comes.

Here are 5 comforting quotes from CaringBridge users shared with the hope that you, too, may be able to choose hope and faith over fear, at a time when that may not be easy:

“This virus is creating new ways for everyone to think of how to keep your family and friends safe. We are in uncharted territory and we will all learn together. At one time I did not know how much time our family would have together. So I have gratitude now for every day that we get to be together.”

Christin Gigstad

Christin Gigstad first wrote on CaringBridge when her daughter, Delaney, now a college student, was born prematurely. In 2017, Christin started a separate CaringBridge site for her son, Carson, who went from regular teen-ager to having a heart transplant over the course of 11 days. Carson’s health is now stable, although he is considered higher-risk for coronavirus. So Christin’s message to the world today is: “Wash your hands. Then wash them again.”

“I know without a doubt that our country and world will survive this pandemic. And just like our broken family, this broken world will be way more beautiful.”

Vicki Bunke

Vicki started using CaringBridge after her daughter, Grace, received a diagnosis of osteosarcoma in 2014. Although Grace died on March 26, 2018, the day before her 15th birthday, Vicki still writes on CaringBridge occasionally. She said her family has made a choice to heal from its brokenness, and to keep moving forward, always holding Grace in their hearts. Vicki believes healing like this can be possible for the world, too, in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“If I could offer advice to any family today, it would be to stick by your faith. Know that your God is with you and will take care of you all the way through.”

Juan Martinez

A firefighter and paramedic who wrote on CaringBridge when his 2-year-old son, Jaxson, was going through treatment for neuroblastoma, Juan said he is practicing at work, and at home, the kinds of precautions his family used when Jaxson had a weakened immune system. While Jaxson is now a happy and health 8 year old, Juan said that after you go through cancer, you look at everything differently, even a global pandemic.

“You have to find a way to respect these new boundaries [related to coronavirus], but still live the version of life you’re used to. That’s what life is, regardless of circumstance.”

Caroline Wright

After a diagnosis of brain cancer in 2017, Caroline was given just a year to live. Now years past that marker, she said that living with the threat of cancer coming back or death that might be just 6 feet away is still just living. As she continues to raise two sons with her husband, work as a professional cook and write on CaringBridge, Caroline said her focus remains on moving forward, with gratitude and optimism.

“Logan does fall into the high-risk category for COVID-19, but we are not living in fear. We are living in faith instead. In those ‘what if’ moments of fear, I ask everyone to think of a positive thought or action or something you can do for your family, a neighbor or a stranger. Maybe write letters to grandparents, or maybe just clean a closet. That is better than fear.”

Natalie Bushaw

A CaringBridge author since 2003, when her twin sons, Owen and Logan, were born prematurely, Natalie said faith is her ultimate source of strength. While Owen’s health challenges are passed, Logan has been through two heart transplants, most recently on Dec. 21, 2019.

There is Always Hope

We hope these words of comfort serve as a reminder that in a time fear and anxiety, there is always hope. For more inspiring messages, check out these inspirational quotes about hope and healing.

What are your favorite quotes or words of encouragement that have helped you during the Covid-19 pandemic? We’d love to know what messages are giving you strength, today and every day. Please share any quotes that inspire you in the comments below.

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  • Brenda

    What has helped me through a great deal of adversity in my life was my faith…I was never alone…God was always with me. My main focus was “God will use this for good” and knowing my suffering was never as bad as what Jesus suffered put my suffering in perspective!!! I have survived losing my Grandmother to suicide, a traumatic C-Section, being struck by lightning, a house fire and breast cancer. A strong faith, an amazing husband, family and friends helped me through each challenge. Reach out and let people know what you need. Don’t expect them to read your mind. Allowing others to help blesses them as well as helps you.

  • Arthur Reynaud

    I like it very much. It gives me a lot of idea and insparation.

  • Don Fehlman

    I was flat on my back with covid and a severe tooth infection at the same time. Endless pain from the tooth because no dentist would see me. God sent an oral surgeon to remove the tooth then I spiraled down with severe vivid. Doctors gave me steroids and antibiotics and in 7 days I was back! I never could have made it without God. I have a new outlook on life and am thankful everyday!!

  • Wanda Rutledge

    Proverbs 3:1 – “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path!””And this too shall pass!”

  • Aster F Ratuita


  • ciera

    Prayers going up for all and blessings coming down in the name of Jesus!!! Amen.

  • David Scott Logan Jr.

    With our thinking and behavior during this Pandemic and Life period, we need hope, faith and something much bigger than ourselves to believe in. I would like to share a quote that my loving grandmother taught all of her grandchildren.GOOD BETTER BESTNEVER LET IT RESTUNTIL YOUR GOOD BECOMES BETTERAND YOUR BETTER BECOMES BEST.

  • aniol

    good luck ajajaj

  • Rita A Lewis

    Caroline Wright…So true

  • marc gaiqui

    PRAY AS IT DEPENDS ON GOD BUT ACT AS IT DEPENDS ON OUR SELF (WITH A BIG”S” )because self- trust is a trust in god himself – M.F.G

  • suresh dongre

    Inspiring quotes and there is always a hope. World has faced toughest situations in the past also and in hindi it is said “Apna Time ayega”. Good times will come back..

  • B. Thangkhiew

    Yes faith and because Jesus promise to live with us we can faced tomorrow

  • Patrick munyua

    Awesomely narrated quotes that has replace faith from fear. God help me live by and in FAITH.

  • Tayeb BOUZID

    Life is strange and beatifull and sometimes we don’t realise that until it’s to late.

  • Theresa Gabel


  • Pradeep

    The wonderful quotes and personal experiences of how faith has helped so many people to recover from tragic incidents in their families are really a great inspiration to others. Yes we all need to make our faith stronger day by day and believe that God will lead us and guide us out of this pandemic.We all have to pray together as one family.

  • Krishna

    Every single one of us should realize nothing in life is to be feared, this Covid19 is there only to to be understood, now is the time we should be more understanding of the Covid 19 virus, so that we fear less, I live alone, I am a loner yet I am never alone, My soul companion is God and God gives me the wisdom and inspiration to take the necessary precautions to beat this Covid 19 and my aim is to educate people to take the necessary precautions and fight this fear of Covid 19, Covid 19 brought me to a point where I look at my life from the inside out rather from the outside in, all I want to say take the necessary precautions and you will be safe, Always keep God in your heart

  • AY

    This was so inspiring.Thank you.Since this time has all of us thinking of the glass half empty instead of the glass half full,we have to work together and think of this as we not me.We WILL fight Covid-19…together.

  • Deborah Collins

    these are inspiring testimonies of living in Faith unstead of fear, I heard on Charles Stanley, that the Lord holds us by the arm.les Stanley

  • Carol

    Thank you for these heartwarming message, the comments from others as well. I choose Faith over fear, but with respect to protection. God in this with us and teaching us many new things.Blessings ??

  • Valaurie Trumm

    thank you for these!

  • Susan Baldwin

    Thank you for these inspiring thoughts and quotes. Living with a loved one with cancer the unknown is daily. This world is just my temporary residence and when I focus on God as my Driver through life as we know it I find comfort. For me, without God in my life I am just lost wandering. If more people in this world knew and trusted in our Lord there would be less fear of the Covid=19. For my husband and myself we try to live by, “trust and follow” Our Lord.Thank you again CaringBridge.

  • Paulette Walker

    Thanks so much for sharing these very inspirational quotes and stories.They brought me back to something my grandmother used to always say – Faith and fear cannot reside in the same house – as for my house we shall always choose faith!!!.

  • Jean Sward

    Thank you for posting these wise reminders.

  • Ron and Dee Ryan

    For with God ALL things are possible!!

  • Susan Bologna

    It’s heart warming to read the stories and comments, God Bless each one of you taking the time to write encouraging words for others even though your own life had such loss and pain, God does love us, we don’t always have the answers here on earth but keep the Faith!!!!

  • Arnette Bargabus

    I believe in the sun, even when it doesn’t shine. I believe in love, even when it isn’t shown. I believe in God, even when He doesn’t speak. I choose to see the unseen. “He gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak.” Isaiah 46:29

  • Jacquelyn Liptak

    Jer.30:17 For I will restore health unto thee and will heal thee of thy wounds, saith Jehova. This was the scripture the Lord gave me when I was battleing esophogeal Cancer. I’m 6 years Cancer free!

  • Mary Lou Garves

    I appreciate Caring Bridge so much. It has allowed me to follow many people over the years during their difficult journeys, to see how God carries them through. From Corrie Ten Boom: Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

  • JoAnn DiSpirito

    Everything written is a message of hope! Hope is what got my family and I through when my son was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma. You really view life differently. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Roger Jenkins

    Never Give Up,The BEST is YET to COME!! ??

  • Jayne Schwartz

    “Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.” I don’t know who wrote this but it does comfort me.

  • Georgia Remington

    I truly love Caring Bridge! The quotes were beautiful and sends so much hope during this unstable and difficult time. Faith is the only answer for everyone. Our Heavenly Father will guide the world through this virus and we will come out victorious! He is sending us messages loud and clear of what is really important in our lives! With faith we have hope and and with both we have love!!???❤️

  • Janine Astone

    Through these difficult times it is so important to keep your faith say your prayers and thank God every day that the world is still here I pray for the families that have lost loved ones and all of the medical Personnel that have put their lives on the line for all the sick it is a good time that I have found for me to send some nice books out to friends of spiritual information just little reminders of every day sayings and prayers to get through your every day life God bless this world and God bless America May peace and the Lord be with you all.??

  • Sandra Gold Weinstein

    I want to communicate with Lisaclarkneely and am unable to navigate to her caring bridge !

  • Sharon Larocque

    Thank you!

  • Lucille

    Thank you for posting quotes from these brave people and then sharing a bit of their journey which just adds to the strength of their words. I so needed to open this email today. They have given me inspiration to remember that I do not walk my journey alone as I support my husband who has been battling cancer since 2011. Blessings everyone.

  • Rev. Judith Sellers

    Thanks so much for the service you offer. As a pastor, I have been able to keep up with many people, over the years, who have been ill.

  • Peter PIsani.

    Godspeed everyone. Even in a mud puddle there is a rainbow if you look closely.

  • John Holloway

    Blessings to you and to all of those you help connect with friends and family during such a trying time.Thank you

  • Christa LeBrun

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Allyson Clouden

    Very heartwarming and encouraging quotes!

  • Ron Gorrie

    Great perspective —- thanks for sharing.

  • Vicki Robyns

    It is always very important to show kindness, love, compassion, care, patience, and empathy everyday, including right now during these difficult and uncertain times.

  • charlotte myers

    GOD has been with us thru every trial . he has been our strength,and our hope. there is nothing GOD can not do. live for him. ,not in fear but in faith. we shall all get thru this with the help of GOD and be better for it.

  • Carolyn Frahm

    Thank you so much for Caring Bridge. During the last few months it has let us follow the journey of a father, mother and son as the mother carries an unborn baby which they know is not going to be able to live, if at all in this world. The baby was still born last week The witness to the faith they have is so heartwarming and brings tears to my eyes and heart. In this trial of corona 19 it gives such strength and hope. Thank you so much for making this website something to heal and hope to ones when they are needing support in their journey.

  • Patricia Becker

    Shawna-still praying for you and your family every day.

  • Renata Adamcova

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of there dreams …

  • Carol Johnston

    I have found great comfort from a site called jw.org. If you go to the main page, there is an article “How to Deal with Isolation”. If you open that, there many subtitles, and I found “Understanding the meaning of world events” very informative. If you click on that, you will find another subheading “Who are the four horsemen of Revelation?” Very interesting!

  • Carol Johnston

    I found great comfort from a wonderful site at jw.org. On the opening page, is an article “How to Deal with Isolation.” If you open that, you will find many subtitles well worth reading. Go to “Understanding the meaning of World events” and then “Who are the four horsemen of Revelation?” Other articles and also many videos on so many different subjects. Excellent site.

  • Robert Hedges

    Faith in God and the teachings of religion inspire many people to keep fighting even when there is only a small chance of recovery. Medical science and technology have advanced to the point where miracles occur every day in our hospitals. So when you are very sick, it’s OK to pray but go see a good doctor for care.

  • Leonard Johnson

    These are all inspiring. Faith is the key to know He, God is watching over us. Have Faith and live in Peace!

  • Sandy B Huey

    Sharing peace and love, faith and hope, trust and inspiration is something we all need ❤️ Encourage everyone you meet now and for always! Praise God every step of the way?

  • Terry Jones

    Thank you all for writing. I pray for Daniels family who just lost him after him fighting for 9 years with brain cancer. I’m thankful for this sight. I pray that the people that think they know of God, come across a good ministry as they change the channels on TV, and Learn how to really know God. To learn how to have HOPE through God. And learn of his mercy’s, and grace. And to have faith. And for us the people that do know God to be remind of all this. And just set and remind yourself of all the things HE has gotton you through and done for you. Praise Him.

  • Keith H

    You could wear off your knees praying to God for heat in February. And icicles would grow from your upraised palms. lf you’re freezing, you burn the furniture. . .but you get off your knees. Resolve to let God know that you have the guts and the will to do it alone. Resolve to fight for yourselves, and for others, for those you love. And that part of God within you will be fighting with you all the way.Rev. Frank Scott

  • Patty

    Thank you to those who have been through these very difficult situations for sharing. We will make it.

  • Dianne Waggoner

    Hope = God

  • R. Baker

    Isaiah 40:31 But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will fly on wings like eagles. They will run and not be weary. They will walk and not be faint.

  • Joyce Nilsen

    Thank you for posting these hopeful statements by courageous people who have chosen to embrace life in the face of adversity.

  • Becky Hudson

    Beautiful and inspiring