The Impact of School Supply Donations

It’s that time of year. Back to school supply fliers arrive in the mail or with your newspaper, lists of necessary supplies show up at local stores and the aisles fill up with neatly stacked boxes of crayons, pencils and notebooks. All the latest favorite characters appear on backpacks and folders. The hottest colors in locker accessories, organizational items and the like seem to beckon.

But, if you don’t get out much, for whatever reason, you may miss out on some much needed items for your kids. Or perhaps you are financially strapped and the arrival of back-to-school items on store shelves strikes a stressful chord within you. It may seem like something small to most. But it is one of the many little things you take for granted that someone else may long to be able to do.

For three years I was unable to take my kids shopping for school supplies. My oldest child was extremely sick – I couldn’t leave him.  And, being a single parent, there was no one else to stay with him. I also lost my job the day after his diagnosis, not that working would have even been a possibility, but that meant little to no income. School supplies, even the basics, simply were not within my means. For me, even getting to the store was a challenge. Taking the needed time to shop for all the items was simply not an option. And financially, getting the kids the items they WANTED, such as super hero or princess this or that, was out of the question.

Thankfully, there were those in my life who took it upon themselves to get those much needed items for us. One year it was all items that were donated. Another year someone took the list of items from the school’s website and went and shopped for us without saying anything to us. The last year not only did someone get the list, they called and asked about favorite colors, characters etc.

It was like Christmas for my kids when the backpacks arrived, already stuffed with notebooks, markers, fun erasers, and folders. One of the many kind gestures that made this momma cry.

It may not seem like much, monetarily speaking, but it can mean so much to a family in need. If you make it a habit of donating items, kudos! If you are considering it for the first time – please do.

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