If I Could Mend Your Heart

Retired hospital chaplain and minister Mary Farr’s book, “If I Could Mend Your Heart,” has a direct connection to the very start of CaringBridge.

When Mary was a chaplain at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN, back in June 1997, she provided emotional and support to JoAnn Hardegger and Darrin Swanson, a young couple from Wisconsin, as they awaited the birth of their baby.

Brighid was born at 24 weeks, on June 7, 1997. Her health was so fragile, she lived just 9 days. But CaringBridge, named after Brighid, is her legacy.

And this gentle, sweet, beautifully illustrated book honors the experience of  JoAnn and Darrin, and families everywhere who need healing after a health journey.

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