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Stronger Together on #GivingTuesday

You may recognize Gavin—we’ve shared his CaringBridge story before, and his charisma is second-to-none.

But in case you haven’t met, you must hear Gavin’s extraordinary story:

Gavin was a normal 5-year-old kid—loving dinosaurs and full of energy—until one weekend he developed watery eyes, which turned into unusual eye movements, which turned into a trip to the hospital.

His mom, Nicole never expected to hear doctors tell her they had found a mass in the center of Gavin’s brain.

That mass was a brain tumor, and the treatment path has not been a smooth road. Gavin could no longer recognize letters, and at times lost the ability to even hold his head up, but he has never been without hope and determination.

His reaction to his diagnosis? “They’re messing with the wrong person!” His tumor has a name—JoeBully—and according to Gavin, he is going “D-O-W-N, DOWN!”

Hope and Determination

This hope and determination kept Nicole and her family buoyed on the days where they had been brought to their knees with fear and grief, and Gavin wasn’t the only source.

There was also CaringBridge.

“[Through CaringBridge], we could get the help we needed even when we didn’t know what we needed,” Nicole says. By putting the information out there, people could give specific help or a kind, comforting word.

“I knew people were reading and that was enough to get through watching my son get poked over and over again and when I sat there waiting, because I knew they were waiting too.”

A Vital Connection

That connection kept hope alive. It made the unbearable, bearable. That connection was powered by a free service—by CaringBridge. Sharing Gavin’s story made it the entire community’s story, easing the burden by being a listening ear.

For each dollar you invest in CaringBridge, your generosity connects five people who become stronger together.

Help keep hope alive for families like Gavin’s. Make your donation to CaringBridge today.

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