Healing Starts With You

Hope. Healing. You.

Last week, you met the Pierson family—a big, bright, loving family who has been working together tirelessly to fight Joe Bully, a brain tumor in 8-year-old Gavin’s head. Families like the Piersons exemplify just exactly how clear communication and widespread support can help illuminate a path during a health journey’s darkest days.

At CaringBridge, we want to help facilitate that light. That’s why you’ve likely heard about our Hope. Healing. You. campaign, which we are now winding to a close. But it’s not too late to get involved!

But first, an update from the Piersons. When we left off with their story, the Piersons were feeling the healing by the simple act of sharing Gavin’s story—the good, the bad, the ugly. Gavin’s mom, Nicole, wrote that by sharing their story, it helped them feel they were spreading understanding and compassion and gave her a place to vent her deepest concerns. But those weren’t the only benefits.


“Realizing that Gavin can still be a kid, enjoy life, and grow and learn all with a brain tumor changed our perspective,” Nicole wrote in a recent CaringBridge post. “Yes, we still dream of that day we know we are done. But no longer are we holding our breath. We are living with a brain tumor—not waiting around for it to decide our life.”

That’s the power of living with hope: Allowing for Gavin’s life to be about more than his brain tumor. Having a place to put that story so that others can support them in their choice.


“Lately, I’ve been doing weekly posts for CaringBridge,” Nicole writes. “I remember a day when someone said to me, ‘When Gavin is older, you can show him everything he went through.’

I remember at one time thinking he’s not going to make it—but now I realize it’s a possibility.

It’s a gift to give him. Look at what you went through and endured. I will continue to update. We’ll have continued checkups as we move forward. I want to share the good—as everyone saw how bad it was.”

Sharing the good. Capturing the journey. Reflection on transformation. Sounds like Healing.

Hope and Healing Start with You

Give families like the Piersons a place to put their story—so they can keep writing it. So they can work toward a new normal. So they can be more than their health journey.

Please consider making a donation now.

When you do, you are offering more than a free website to share, a way to coordinate rides or meals, or a place to collect messages. You’re offering light in the dark, kindness in a time of injustice, generosity in a time of scarcity.

Hope and healing have the power to transform. Please donate now.

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-Lakasia Reese Apr 04, 2015 9:12pm
Hi, you might not know me but I am here to tell you to say yes. You and your family are worried about your son about the tumor,but say yes about God healing your child .