Forward: First American Unsupported Expedition to the North Pole

In March 2009, adventurers John Huston of Evanston, IL, and Tyler Fish of Ely, MN, stepped off the North American continent and onto the frozen surface of the Arctic Ocean. Their goal was to be the first Americans to travel under their own power to the North Pole, without re-supply.

Over 55 days, the duo skied, hiked and swam—yes, swam—across nearly 500 miles of ice, snow, rubble fields and stretches of open water.

“Forward” recounts a most incredible, and successful expedition, including the planting a CaringBridge flag at the North Pole.

John writes, “From the beginning, Tyler and I wanted our expedition to benefit a charity. Given our values of optimism, humility and responsibility, CaringBridge was the perfect fit. Whether supporting a loved one through a health crisis or skiing to the North Pole, to us it’s all about the mental side of challenge.

“In our minds, the challenges we faced on the ice were small compared to the challenges people deal with in times of health crisis. While traversing a field of snow waves or repeatedly struggling to warm up our hands, Tyler and I would often think of people where were facing bigger challenges, and how lucky we were to be following our dreams. These thoughts quickly squelched any complaining or self-pity.”

Published in 2011, “Forward” was a 2012 Minnesota Book Awards Finalist.

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