Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom’s Small Prayer, in a Big Way

By Laura Sobiech

Zach Sobiech was 18 when he died from complications of osteosarcoma in 2013. His CaringBridge website, written by Zach and his Mom, Laura, has received nearly 1 million visits.

To say goodbye to his family and friends, when treatment was no longer effective, Zach wrote a song called “Clouds” that was made into a video. The song and video went viral, and have touched millions of hearts around the world.

Zach’s story, told in “Fly a Little Higher,” by Laura, is not just about cancer, and not just about music. It’s about what happens when you live as if each day might be your last.

It’s about persistence and the human spirit. And it’s about how God used a dying boy from a small Minnesota town to reach the hearts of so many.

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Lezlee Jurkovski Mar 21, 2018 11:09am
I bought this book years ago. However, every time I picked it up to read it. I would set it down because I was worried it was going to be too sad. Then last Sunday I decided that I was going to read it. I am glad I did. It had been a stressful week with lost a sad things going on. Nothing compared to a child dying but non the less a sad week. This book helped see things differently. Once I started reading it I could not set it down, I am glad I read it. I personally listen to "Sand Castles" a lot. It cheers me up when I need it. I followed Zach's story on the news and listened to his songs on YouTube. It was nice to hear stories about places I knew in Minnesota as we just moved to Philadelphia area in September. Thank you for sharing your story.