Five Helpful and Inspirational Books for Caregivers

Books for Caregivers

Everyone knows providing care for someone is a thankless, rewarding, tiresome, uplifting, roller coaster – filled with many twists and turns along the way. Fortunately, for those who experience caregiving in some way, many books for caregivers exist to inform and assist you with various elements of the process. Whether you are providing direct care or someone who knows a caregiver, there are so many helpful books on the topic of caregiving to guide you. Here are five books that provide insight and perspective into the world of caregiving.

5 Books for Caregivers

  1. The Caregiver’s Challenge: Living, Loving, Letting Go

    By Maryann Schacht, Psychotherapist
    A survival guide and road map to the caregiver role. Schacht chronicles her own experience caring for her terminally ill husband and candidly exploring how terminal illness affects personal relationships. This book for caregivers entails simple steps and exercises to manage pain, consolidating one’s emotional as well as physical resources, and stay true to one’s bonds despite the perilous journey ahead. A highly recommended primer, written especially for caregivers but filled with crucial wisdom for anyone confronting the protracted loss of a loved one.

  2. The Fearless Caregiver: How to Get the Best Care for Your Loved One and Still Have a Life of Your Own

    By Greg Barg
    This book clearly defines your vital role in developing your loved one’s care plan. It teaches you how to deal successfully with managed care organizations or home health services, and arms you with the knowledge and skills you need. The book covers topics such as deciding if your loved one’s care is appropriate, if your doctor is the right one or if something more is needed. From wills and powers-of-attorney, to practical tips for dealing with disabilities, to long term care options, to battling stress and depression – this book provides a simplified guide to the caregiver process.

  3. Daily Comforts for Caregivers

    By Pat Samples
    For those who feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day struggles of caregiving, this charming little book offers gentle guidance and support. Beyond all their usual personal and family demands, caregivers must take on the special responsibility of caring for family members or others with long-term health problems. With 366 days’ worth of wisdom and affirmations, Daily Comforts addresses one caregiving issue per day. An index of topics allows caregivers to find the readings most pertinent to their immediate concerns.

  4. Be the Noodle: Fifty Ways to be a Compassionate, Courageous, Crazy-Good Caregiver

    By Lois Kelly
    Part love story, part how-to manual, part memoir, Be The Noodle shows readers how to find superpowers they never knew that had. The book covers how to stay sane, take comfort in sick humor, find compassion and become a crazy-good caregiver. It’s one of the most courageous jobs most of us never wanted or were never trained to do.

  5. The Cancer Poetry Project 2: More Poems by Cancer Patients and Those Who Love Them

    Edited by Karin B. Miller
    The Cancer Poetry Project 2 drew more than 1,000 submissions. From widely published poets to first-time poets and many poets in between, the authors let us know we’re not alone in dealing with cancer. The resulting anthology features the best 140 poems, plus the story and the people behind each. Men, women and children, all walks of life, all types of cancer experiences fill the pages. This anthology allows readers to find comfort, understanding and much more in just four chapters.

Bonus: God Will Carry You Through

By Max Lucado
Popular author and Pastor Max Lucado has discovered that everyone has a point in their lives that they must handle a serious event. Whether the loss of a loved one, marriage issues, illness, job loss or the stress of everyday life, people everywhere need the assurance that they will make it through. Using both scripture and personal testimonials as vehicles to deliver the messages to the readers, this book is rich in hope for finding peace and reassurance through whatever challenges you face.

Your Book List

Did your book make our list of helpful books for caregivers? If not, what books would you put on it? Share your favorite books for caregiving in our comments section below–it might make a list in the future!

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David Apr 25, 2014 3:16pm
Recently released on Kindle...Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living with Alzheimer's and Other Dementias. This book is great and I recommend it for anyone who is feeling down.