Faith Over Fear: Walking Angie Home

Angie Hazel was a vibrant, authentic and kind woman, full of love. “Faith Over Fear” tells her story from cancer diagnosis to hospice.

Faith Over Fear book cover

In March 2017, Angie Hazel, 26, received an unusual and terrifying diagnosis of “cancer of unknown primary.” While doctors were not able to identify the original source of the cancer, making it difficult to predict its path and outcome, the attack on Angie was aggressive and relentless.

“Faith over Fear,” published after Angie’s death, is a moving tribute to a daughter, sister and fiancée, combining Angie’s CaringBridge Journal posts with observations and reflections from those in her innermost circle.

The book discusses many issues tied to a person’s cancer journey, and how Angie and her family grappled with the reality that she was dying. Her family is honest and real in response to an unimaginable situation, recounting the fear and anxiety of realizing Angie was not going to get better.

Early in the book, Angie’s sister, Jessy, expresses thanks for the time they had together. Jessy writes, “She was not ripped from our lives in an instant. She was given a chance to fight and to make her peace with this life.”

“Faith Over Fear” is the phrase that Angie and her fiancée, John, used as their mantra, even before cancer came into the picture. The Hazel family also highlights the role of faith in their journey. The power of prayer and support through CaringBridge and their community kept everyone going through Angie’s worst days.

Angie’s legacy will continue to live through those who knew her and have been inspired by her story and her faith. As you read her story, it becomes clear that Angie’s spirit shows itself in kindness and good actions of those who knew her and whose lives she touched during her short life.

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— Book review by Aly Haugen, CaringBridge Staff