Every Caregiver’s Ultimate Helper: Our Online SupportPlanner

SupportPlanner – a Caregiver’s Best Friend

When it comes to taking care of a friend or a loved one who’s ill or on the mend, you’d do anything. But unfortunately, you can’t do everything.

We know. That’s why we have a whole team of keen, innovative minds creating and perfecting tools to make your life easier so you can provide the best possible care without missing a beat.

Everybody Wants to Help

It’s human nature. And almost everyone who has a CaringBridge Site is connected to a significant “caring community” – friends and family who care a great deal about their well-being.

Most of them are ready and willing to offer their support and assistance; they just don’t always know how they can help. But when you have a SupportPlanner, they will.

Streamlines Caregiving

Our SupportPlanner helps caregivers coordinate and share tasks with anyone who wants to help, any time.

  • It’s an all-inclusive scheduling tool – the “To-Do” list for anyone’s health journey.
  • Easy to use, and easy for anyone to sign up and pitch in.
  • You can also assign specific tasks to specific people.

Every Task, Every Day

You can set up a SupportPlanner in minutes. Add one-time or regularly-recurring tasks. Urge your caring community to check in and sign up for things you need done:

  • Make a meal.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Help with childcare.
  • Provide a ride.
  • Pick up prescriptions.
  • Shop for groceries.
  • Just about anything.

“It’s all there, with a time and place for each task, and a space for anyone who wants to sign up,” says Eric Margolis, a CaringBridge Systems Analyst who helped to develop our SupportPlanner. “You can even add special instructions and details like how many people to feed, who might have a food allergy, where to deliver the meal and more.”

Please Share This News Now

Spread the word about our SupportPlanner – just one more way CaringBridge is striving to make every health journey easier. And by all means, start a SupportPlanner – or a CaringBridge Site – today.

Tom McNulty is the Web Writer at CaringBridge

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