Co-Parenting Tips for a Child’s Care

Streamlining the situation: divorced parents caring for one child.

Keeping track of important family information and schedules gets complicated when two parents are communicating from one home to another.

After a divorce, the responsibilities of caring for a child are often divided between two separate homes. In “co-parenting” arrangements like this, it’s very important to communicate a child’s needs well. But when communication is difficult, this isn’t easy. Keeping schedules and vital information organized and easily accessible for both parents is the key to building clear lines of communication while reducing the potential stress and anxiety of parenting with an ex-spouse.

Here are some co-parenting tips:

Create a Calendar

Between basketball practice and birthday parties, kids tend to have busy, fluctuating schedules. It’s important that both parents are on top of the child’s schedule so that they can coordinate rides, meals, and more. With an online calendar, relaying events and other day-to-day agenda details between homes is easy. An online family calendaring system that is focused on your child’s schedule will keep parents on the same page, from who’s night it is to spend with your child to where your child is spending holidays over the next few years.

Organize Vital Family Information

Both parents need to have access to key information like emergency contact numbers or crucial medical details like prescription schedules. Other details that should be shared include the child’s shoe and clothing sizes, and contact information for preferred babysitters. Like the calendar mentioned above, there are other online resources designed to help co-parents organize and share information. This can also reduce conflicts between parents — they won’t have to constantly request this information from each other.

Keep Your Information Available and Secure

The Internet is an excellent resource for co-parents to share information about caregiving responsibilities, but it’s easy for an email’s nuances to be misinterpreted, or your child’s events to create confusion with your own personal calendar. The best solution is to use an online family forum specifically for co-parenting communication, to keep your family calendar and vital information in a single location. This would create easy access for both parents to post and share details about caregiving, and also be a detailed record of your correspondence.

The CaringBridge SupportPlanner Can Help Too

There’s an easy-to-use SupportPlanner on every CaringBridge Site. It makes coordinating schedules quick and at-a-glance easy for everyone. You can plan meals, schedule visits and help people step up to cover tasks like watering plants or walking the dog. Check out the SupportPlanner now.

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Ben May 30, 2013 2:39pm
most of the tips are about being organized and communicating with each other. I would say make sure that you make time for family time. I can be simple just ad something like bedtime story to the list of things to do and you and your partner can do it together. I would start by reading The Book series The Adventures of Kid Humpty Dumpty as you and your kids follow the adventures of this little kid it will not only help install a love of books and reading in your kids but give a shared interest that you can talk about later it is available on amazon and for kindle