CaringBridge and Hallmark: An Inside Look at an Inspiring Partnership

Last year was a difficult time for several of my friends and family. Cancer, more cancer, heart disease … it was a bad news spring and summer. I found myself at a loss for what to say to support the people I love so much in the midst of truly dark moments.

Professional and Personal Interests Merge

So it was curious when my professional life began to merge with my personal life. As an editorial director at Hallmark, I am used to thinking about what people might want to say to the ones they love. As I began to work on our line of sympathy and encouragement cards last summer, I found the research I was doing for work – reading about how to support loved ones during a crisis – became research I was doing for myself.

My job was especially gratifying when my assignments brought me the opportunity to learn more about CaringBridge’s powerful vision and the incredible service they provide. CaringBridge’s mission to “uplift” and “inspire” felt right at home with Hallmark’s goal to “inspire meaningful connections” and “make a genuine difference.” As I worked with our art director, designer, editor, and writers to create a small line of CaringBridge+Hallmark cards, I also thought a lot about my family and friends going through their own health journeys.

My Favorite Card

There’s one card I am especially fond of: the cover says “This is no ordinary day,” and on the inside it says “There are so many things you must be feeling today, but I hope that what you feel most is loved.” When we worked on this card I thought a lot about my aunt, who was diagnosed with late stage cancer about a month before her 61st birthday. It was hard to “celebrate” her birthday in a traditional sense, but we found that the best thing we could do for her in that moment was to make sure she knew that she was loved no matter what.

This is probably the most important message you can give someone on any day of their life. But even more so when they’re on a difficult journey. Thanks to CaringBridge for making that possible every day.

Learn More About Emily

As a mom, Emily is also passionate about creating cards for children. Watch her video to learn about her favorite children’s card.

Send a card today! CaringBridge Hallmark cards are now available at select Hallmark Gold Crown® stores.

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Bonnie Oct 30, 2014 8:37am
This is why I like all things Hallmark. The people behind the cards, products, television stations, and Hallmark Hall of Fame are wonderful. Thank you Hallmark.
safayat Oct 29, 2014 1:14pm
Winford Akins Oct 23, 2014 11:50am
I would love and appreciate this personal expression even if I weren't Emily's father, which I am so privileged to be.