Our Caregiver Family of the Month – July 2013

CaringBridge Site helps family through son’s surgery.

Each month, CaringBridge recognizes a caregiver or family that exemplifies our mission to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world. This month, we honor Ruth Z.

When Ruth’s son Tyler underwent surgery for a recently discovered brain tumor, became a resource she depended on daily to share news about his health journey.

“I was sitting in the waiting room and began reading a brochure about CaringBridge. Before I’d even finished reading it, I opened my computer and started creating a site,” Ruth remembers. “I instantly recognized that this was a superior way to communicate. I could relay all the information in one place and everyone could be responsible for how often they kept in touch. What a load off my shoulders!”

CaringBridge was more than just an outlet where Ruth and her husband, Mike, could send updates about their son and his surgery. As responses to the Journal poured in, Ruth’s site also became a consistent reminder of how much family and friends cared about their well-being.

“During our stay at the hospital right after Tyler’s surgery, Mike and I would check our CaringBridge site hourly,” Ruth says. “The words of encouragement were like Christmas presents. Opening the Guestbook to find love, encouragement, humor and support was truly a gift.”

Visitors to Ruth’s site were able to share their love and hope for a speedy recovery in the Guestbook, ensuring that their family knew they weren’t without support.

“CaringBridge helped us create a personal community that helped us through our trials so we didn’t face any step alone. It spanned the world — reaching everyone who cared. I’m so glad CaringBridge found us.”

How Did You Discover CaringBridge?

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Patty Ali Aug 16, 2013 5:12am
My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma about 3 weeks ago. The surgeon operated the next morning! He got most of it out but because it is so close to the spinal cord the rest will have to be taken care of by radiation and chemo. I am concerned because one friend says my home needs to be bleached down and super clean for her. I have four children, so I am just wondering if there is some sort of list that can be followed to help make sure we are cleaning enough.
Antonette M. Smith Jul 11, 2013 2:33pm
I found out about your site through a magazine titled, Community, The Caregiving Issue. The magazine is produced by Caring Voice Coalition, Inc.
marie Wagoner Jul 02, 2013 3:20pm
My husband was diagn w a brain tumor as well