3 Benefits of Sharing Health Updates

Molly Sturgis said sharing health updates on her son’s website helped keep her connected to life outside the hospital.

Sharing health updates with family and friends can be enormously beneficial. CaringBridge users–the real experts–say that whether you write a little, or a lot, the act of “getting it out” can provide:

  1. A Way to Stay Connected. Molly Sturgis of Minnesota said, “One thing that everyone needs is someone, or a group of people, to not forget about you.” When Molly’s son, Telly, was going through treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, diagnosed at 16 months, messages of love and support that came through CaringBridge helped keep the young mother connected to the world outside Telly’s hospital room. (Molly reports that Telly’s health is now stable and he is doing great.)
  2. Stress Relief. Laura Sobiech of Minnesota, whose son, Zach, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age 14, said, “Writing became a way of reining in the wildness of the landscape of the cancer life, where monsters lurked around corners waiting to throw our lives into another tailspin, and somehow tame it and make it a little less scary.” Since losing Zach in 2013, Laura has continued to write, including on Zach’s CaringBridge website, and in her work with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, a CaringBridge partner. Laura said, “I continue to share the triumphs and struggles, as our family progresses through the grief of loss and letting go.”
  3. Opportunities to open your heart to healing. Karen Hohertz-Jacobs of Minnesota, who wrote on CaringBridge during the months her baby daughter, Kate, was being treated for stage IV neuroblastoma, said, “I did not start a website for Kate with the intention of healing. But that is what happened. It has been such a valuable life link.” Ten years have passed since Kate’s active treatment, and she remains healthy, happy and cancer-free.

Care to Share Your Own Experience?
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  • john

    Yes it is.

  • Terri

    So great visiting with you yesterday, it was very heartwarming to see you being visited by so many friends. I know you love the company. I’ll be back soon.

  • Sally M. Larson

    I have been a piano teacher for 20 some years and have had many wonderful students.All have been healthy and so great.But I did loose one precious girl to brain cancer. I wasn’t her parent but I got to know her so well and it was painful to see her go. It was very aggressive and she had wonderful doctors and care. It has probably been 7-8 years ago but I think of her often.

  • Pastor Karen J. Arndt

    You may say something – or keep silent. Your presence is priceless. I am a life coach/Christian Counsellor and everyone is different with different needs.