Our Caregiver Family of the Month – August 2013

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August Family of the Month

Every month, CaringBridge likes to recognize a caregiver or family of the month that exemplifies our mission to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world.

Whether it’s in a classroom or on a CaringBridge Site, communication is important to success.

Walt S., an educator, knew this. And during his treatment for lung cancer, he decided to stay in touch with everyone who cared about him by sharing his health updates on his CaringBridge Site.

Reaching Many People Easily

“I set up the site mostly to take a burden off of my wife to constantly respond to inquiries about my health status,” he says. “CaringBridge proved to be the single most significant and direct communication link I had throughout that experience.”

Thanks to his site, Walt and his wife didn’t have to communicate to each individual within their caring community. Instead, the Journal and Guestbook on the site became a direct line to those who wanted to know about his progress and send messages of support.

Renewing Friendships

The people in Walt’s caring community were spread across America and beyond, and spanned generations, too.

Through his CaringBridge Site, Walt was able to rekindle friendships and connections. “I was a former band director and a current educational administrator,” he says. “I re-established many connections with old friends, former students and staffers from school, some of whom were from other countries.”

Over the years, Walt had established many bonds in his various educator roles. The vast community that rallied to support him in his time of need proved that he’d had an impact on their lives. Now, they were returning the favor.

“CaringBridge Brought us Together”

For Walt and his wife, CaringBridge started as a way to communicate with his caring community, but it also contributed to his overall health and well being.

“Everyone’s messages of support were a definite part of my healing and current health, and CaringBridge was what brought us all together,” he says. “I am truly thankful for CaringBridge.”  Walt and his family are an inspirational example of how a CaringBridge Site can become more than a place to share health updates —It can be a central element to healing.

Tell us How CaringBridge has Helped You Heal

Do you have a story like Walt’s? The CaringBridge community would love to hear about it.

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Kathie Brave Aug 23, 2013 12:54pm
I love carigbridge! Friends had it and such a wonderful way to keep in touch. I started a site for my son 7 years ago. He died 5 months ago but can't bear to take it down. Please donate to this wonderful cause.