A life lived with fat—my health journey

Weight loss story has a happy ending.

As a writer for CaringBridge, I try to be an Amplifier in all that I do for my day-to-day work activities. I find it so rewarding to play a part in supporting people facing any health condition—whether big or small, acute or long term—and those who care for them. However, I knew there was more I could offer you by sharing my story and introducing you to people who have helped me along the way.

Obesity as a Life-altering Condition

For the past 30 years, I have been on a health journey of my own. Thirty years is how long I have been struggling with obesity. I began a cycle of gaining and losing weight when I started my first diet at age 13. Being fat (a little extra pudge really) made me feel lonely, sad, and like a stranger in my own body.

This time is when being overweight, and eventually obese, came to dominate my life. It was always in the background (sometimes in the foreground), during happy and sad times. Many of you with ongoing conditions can relate to this “lurking” quality.

A Focus on Wellness Helps me Lose the Weight

Now, in my early forties, I have healed my body and lost 90 pounds. I finally found a way to eat and be in the world that supports my health and weight loss. Simply put: I needed to get healthy to lose weight, and not lose weight to get healthy. When I focused on wellness rather than on the scale, everything changed, and the weight came off.

Building my Support System

I had a lot of help from experts and friends to get to a place where I am successfully managing my condition. I thought about how the people who helped me could help you too. So, I decided to do an ongoing blog series where you can get great, supportive information about all kinds of topics. Self-care isn’t only important to those dealing with obesity, it can be a life-changer for anyone.

In my next post, I will introduce you to nutritionist Darlene Kvist (MS, CNS, LN) from Nutritional Weight and Wellness. Darlene helped me make the connection between the food I eat and how it can create wellness in the body. She takes a research-based approach, while challenging conventional wisdom. She will write about how nutrition can be the foundation for self-care.

Have you incorporated a wellness or self-care plan into your life? What inspired you? Tell us about it! The more tips, resources and stories, the better!

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magbear Nov 01, 2012 11:31pm
This is inspirational! I think taking care of ourselves--physically and mentally--is so often a thing we say we should do but can rarely find the true time or energy to acheive. One of my mental health caring tips is to feed your inner artist. By this I mean, that creative center that brings you in contact with a kind of inner soul. For me, this is reading and when I can writing. Reading gives me the space to release my normal stress and worries, and live within the page. I get to let my imagination take me into that world and experience the profound story (or entertainment!) within that book. When I'm lucky, I can carve out time to write and bring out my own story, which helps me remove it from cycling away in my head. My tip is think of that one thing you could do for hours on end that leaves you smiling and then do that! And enlist a supporter to make sure you don't put it off ;)