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What to Say

How to Tell Your Family You Have Cancer

If you are diagnosed with cancer, it can feel stressful and daunting trying to find the words to say, especially to those who are closest to you.  During this time it’s important to remember th…

What to Write in a Get Well Card

A handwritten get well card is a sweet and simple gesture that can make a big difference to someone going through a health struggle. Taking the time to actually write something by hand shows how much …

nurse with arms folded

28 Heartfelt Thank You Messages for Nurses

Nurses are truly superheroes. They brave the front lines for us so we don’t have to. We asked our Facebook followers to share some gratitude messages for nurses, and hundreds of responses flooded in…

NEW! Deliver Groceries to Your Loved One with Shipt Through CaringBridge

CaringBridge has partnered with Shipt to make it easier for family and friends to support someone on a health journey. Simply order the items and have them delivered straight to your loved one’s door.


10 Tips for Parents of Kids With Cancer

Learning your child has a chronic illness is a feeling you cannot prepare for. The new and unfamiliar stresses can cause intense feelings of love, sadness, grief, panic, and guilt. All those feel…

The Gift of Listening

When you’re caring for a child with cancer, talking with others who understand can be invaluable. CaringBridge has partnered with The Mighty to create a public group that is also a safe space for pa…

How to Deal with Grief & Loss

Losing a loved one is one of the most trying things you’ll ever experience. You may feel as if you’ll never recover or that the weight of the loss is too much for you to bear. Although truly diffi…

How We Heal: A CaringBridge Series

With the simple hope of helping others, ordinary people plunged into serious health crises talk about what has made them whole again, even in the face of trauma, suffering and loss. While every approach is different, one universal truth emerges: Healing is possible, and valuable, even when cure is not an outcome.


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How to Find and Join a Cancer Support Group

Pictured is Cat Thisius, whose story is part of our How We Heal Series. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t need to go through your journey alone. Support groups can be beneficial for …


7 Breast Cancer Care Package Ideas to Show You Care

When you find out someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be wondering: What do I say? What can I do for them? While there’s not often a clear answer to this question, one meani…

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