6 Games to Enhance Laughter and Fun

Games for kids and adults to play anywhere.

Game days, whether on a rainy afternoon or a social gathering, have always been full of laughter, joy and memories. Here are six fun play anywhere/anytime games that people of all ages can enjoy.


Folder Fun
Keep little hands busy with something unexpected: a plastic accordion file folder. Fill each pocket of the folder with age-appropriate things baby hasn’t seen yet: crinkly papers, stickers, small toys. They’ll have fun pulling things out and putting them in the separate pockets, as well as playing with the objects themselves. Packs into itself when it’s time to go! Check out all that Folder Fun has to offer on their website.


It’s a game with ancient roots that packs up easily and plays quietly, and can involve strategy for older kids, or just fun moving marbles for the younger ones. The goal? To get as many marble pebbles in your end of the board as possible. Rules are fairly easy to understand. Packs up easily and is fairly quiet for hospital visits, etc.

Melissa + Doug Reusable Sticker Pad
Brilliant. Cool backgrounds provide the setting for your child’s imagination and his or her toolbox of reusable stickers, where he or she can create scenes both realistic and beyond his or her wildest imagination.

Elementary and Middle School

Rainbow Loom
It’s the trend sweeping the nation: Brightly colored rubber-band bracelets braided together on a loom. While there are lots of small parts, it’s involved enough to keep kids concentrating and quiet. And doubles up as a great gift to someone you’re visiting or thanking. For a complete explanation of Rainbow Loom, check out their website.

‘Tweens to Adults

The small pegboard and deck of cards is easy to transport (or even use on long car rides), and the complex rules are great for secretly teaching math and strategy skills—making it a lifelong game of luck and skill. Check out the full list of rules.

The Logo Board Game
In a world surrounded by brands and logos, this game is here to test your memory and knowledge on a range of companies, product and services. Logos asks participants to recall facts and details about various brands, old and new, bridging any generation gap and guaranteeing a few laughs.

What Didn’t Make the List?

What makes your list of enjoyable, family fun games? We want to know! Share your games, stories and memories in our comments section below–we all enjoy a new game to play!

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Julie May 14, 2014 10:53pm
Try telestrations. It is a combination of the old game of telephone and pictionary. We play with our kids (13, 11, and 8). The game generates a lot of laughter!
Randy Gardner Apr 21, 2014 4:36pm
These look like some awesome fun games, they look like a lot of fun I'll definitely try them with my friends some time! Regards, Randy Gardner