27 Miles: The Tank’s Journey Home

On January 2, 2012, Minnesota police officer Frank Mackall was responding to a call for assistance from one of his partners. On the way, he hit a patch of black ice and crashed his squad car into a tree. He was airlifted to the hospital, suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

27 Miles: The Tank’s Journey Home is the story of his wife Lisabeth’s emotional journey during his 84 days of recovery. Lisabeth, a speech pathologist, began documenting Frank’s progress on a CaringBridge site, and those entries became the basis for this book. She was inspired by her husband’s struggle, and by the amazing support she received from the community and from Officer Mackall’s brothers and sisters in blue.

Lisabeth says: “Every day we can be present, we can find joy, love and happiness, even when life may be scary and uncertain. Take the time to be part of your life, because each day is a gift.”

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