Zoey Landon

First post: Dec 28, 2019 Latest post: Jan 17, 2020
Hello everyone, and welcome. This page is to share Zoey’s path to healing from a brain injury. Zoey was visiting her dad Blair on her winter vacation from school, and got to spend Christmas with her dads family. When on December 27th at 11am, Zoey was sledding down a small hill with her dad and uncle, when she lost control of her sled, and began to go in circles, and then suddenly slammed her head against the tree. When her dad rushed over to check her, Zoey was unresponsive and couldn’t move. Luckily, her dad and uncle rushed to call 911, and the ambulance took her to the nearest children’s hospital. She was brought into the PICU, and has been under supervised intense care by all the nurses and doctors. We’ve had neurosurgeons come in and diagnose the problem. Zoey is currently suffering from a fractured skull, along with bleeding from the brain, and swelling. Due to more implications she also has severe bleeding from her ear, and bruising along her face. As her dad and I sit here and pray for our little girl to heal and wake up, we are told each hour something, and kept in the loop at all times. Zoey is hooked to a breathing tube, artic sun, and many many medications. Zoey had to go through surgery, because they needed to help drain the fluids from her brain, so they had to drill a hole in her skull. She is on every medication possible to help her relieve from the pain, and stay sedated. She will be asleep for the next 72 hours. And we pray it does not worsen. Please continue to watch for updates, as we have so many family & friends concerned, and full of love. It is a difficult time not only for Blair, but for me as well, that I have not been able to update. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and continue to pray & spread the love all around. Zoey is very brave, courageous, kind, and a very happy girl. She deserves a full happy life.