Zayne Braun

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Zayne's cancer started in late August 2017.  As parents we started to notice a "shining reflection of light" just for a split instant when he would turn on just the right angle for light to capture what we later found to be a tumour mass reflecting light back outward.  Infrequently we would use flash on photos, which would show up as 1 red eye (good), and 1 glowing eyeball (very bad).  At odd times, when hi was laying on his back for a diaper change (1.5yrs old), if viewed into his left eye, it would appear hollow and empty.
At first we didn't say anything to eachother until early October where we both commented "umm, have happened to notice.." .   On Thanksgiving weekend, we googled it and read about a thing called "Retinoblastoma" , and saw pictures of other children.  We read how and where it effects the body, and how it is treated.  On Tuesday I called Simcoe Optometry and said "we are coming in today". They were swamped but Dr. Mcknight made a spot for us.  She saw white clumping which " could be white blood cells fighting an infection.  4 months later, we found out from her that she knew, and also knew that it was in both eyes.  She sent us home and said she will leave messages with London and Toronto to see who reply's first, and that it could be a few weeks.  We received a call that afternoon!  So, she clearly commuinicated how advance it was, although we were unaware.