Zane O'Laughlin

First post: Jul 26, 2021 Latest post: Aug 6, 2021
On Saturday, June 26th, Zane suffered a grand mal seizure.  He was taken to Enloe Hospital where he underwent a battery of tests.  We were devasted to learn that Zane was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He has a walnut-sized Glioma in his right insular cortex.  He was quickly referred to specialist Dr. Shawn Hervey- Jumper at the UCSF Brain Tumor Center.  After a consultation with Dr. Hervey-Jumper, Zane is planned to have surgery which will take place on July 27th.  Dr. Hervey-Jumper is the best of the best given Zane's condition, and we're all incredibly grateful for him to be in such excellent care with a dynamic aftercare team as well.  A further treatment plan will be outlined post-surgical biopsy.  

Although this has been difficult and overwhelming news to digest, we're all striving to keep our spirits positive.  Kelley has been a stellar partner to and advocate for Zane and reports that he's coping well with bad jokes and dark humor.  

We'll use this site to share updates and keep people informed.  Sharing your fondness for Zane and pictures throughout your memories with him is very welcome!