Doctoral Student Yuvraj Verma

Yuvraj Verma is presently employed at Growing Up Green Charter School II as a learning specialist teacher and coding coach, in addition to pursuing a PhD at William Howard Taft University. Verma taught kindergarten and fifth grade prior to working as a learning specialist. Verma's employment as a learning specialist allows him to work with students to ensure that they receive the appropriate help to meet their educational needs. Verma is delighted to assist kids who are new to coding, believing that the abilities required for coding may be applied in various aspects of life.
Verma appreciates the value of remaining adaptable and working within the confines of the present educational system as a teacher. Yuvraj Verma, like many educators across the United States, has been forced to adapt to educating kids electronically and has embraced the challenge by creating unique teaching approaches that keep students engaged from afar.


Yuvraj Verma opted to continue his schooling after finishing his undergraduate courses. He picked William Howard Taft University to begin his doctoral studies in technology and leadership. Verma understands how working as a leader in his school benefits his students and coworkers, and how being current with technology enables him to provide knowledge to pupils that will assist them in excelling in their future schooling and professions.

Honors and Commendations

Yuvraj Verma received a 50% scholarship from William Howard Taft University's Roger J Duthoy Scholarship Program. Verma expressed excitement at getting the prize, stating that he was looking forward to leading kids and teaching them about technology since technological skills are critical for success in today's increasingly digital environment.