Wyatt Schroeder Wy-Man Heart Strong

First post: Jul 30, 2022 Latest post: Mar 17, 2024

Wyatt, our super strong Heart Warrior, was born September 28,2018, with a heart condition called Double Inlet Right Ventricle. This means he only has one ventricle where most of us have two. His oxygenated and non oxygenated get mixed.
At 3.5 months old, he had his first open heart surgery (the Glenn) which gave him a sustainable system for the short run. For 3 years we’ve been able to be sort of close to normal.
Now Wyatt is beginning to outgrow the system he was given in that first surgery. The first sign is fatigue, breathlessness from mild exertion.
It’s time for the next surgery.

As things have unfolded, bit by bit, we find ourselves in a new place. There is a very new procedure being done at Boston Children’s Hospital.It wasn’t easy to open the box and let all the possibilities see the light of day, but we did. We sent all of Wyatt’s records to BCH to get a second opinion. In so doing, little by little, step-by-step, we found ourselves able to trust the team at BCH.
And…here we are.
We will be traveling to the top pediatric heart hospital in the world. We will be under the care of top pediatric cardiac heart surgeon in the world. Wyatt will begin testing 8/17-8/19 at Boston Childrens Hospital. After testing, we will work with our AR team + BCH team to make the best decision on which surgery is best for Wyatt:
•The Bivent Repair ( the new procedure) could build him an “almost” full heart. The Bivent has many upfront risks. It also holds the possibility of a full life ahead.
•The Fontan is a fairly straightforward surgery. It has been performed since the ‘80’s. It generally affords some very good years followed by almost certain liver and heart complications.

We are scared.
And we are very hopeful.
And we are also sad.
It’s hard to do this.

Many have asked how to help us during this time - UberEats & DoorDash & Amazon gift cards are always a good thing. We will be staying near the medical center and hope to do a few things in the few days before testing begins.

Some of you have indicated a desire to help us financially. For those who want to do such a thing, Venmo or reach out to Andrea (andreanwills@gmail.com) on how to do that. 

This is hard.
Y’all help us make it.
Thank you.

Love, Levi, Esther, Wyatt and Jacqueline