Wyatt Hansen

First post: Aug 9, 2020 Latest post: Jun 12, 2024
My story started when mom and dad decided they wanted a baby. After a year of trying to get pregnant, they found fertility specialist and tried another year with eight medicated cycles and one insemination cycle, but still no success. Next up was in vitro, and after one fresh cycle and three frozen cycles, they were told they were pregnant with me!  

The first trimester was very full of complications but going into the second trimester things got better. 

On July 22nd mom started to bleed after a prenatal workout, so the workouts were stopped and the bleeding was monitored closely. On August 3rd, mom continued to have minimal bleeding and I wasn’t moving much and mom and dad were sent to Mercy Hospital Labor and Delivery for fetal monitoring. There were no signs of concern with me and due to minimal symptoms there was likely no infection. Mom and dad were sent home to resume normal life and watch for contractions, cramps, back ache and worsening bleeding. The week went on like normal, bleeding stopped and it was thought to be a fluke. 

On August 7th, mom finished work and noticed there was a tiny amount of blood again and mom and dad decided to make an appointment to check for infection before going up north to the cabin. Once at the clinic, the midwife put a Doppler on mom’s tummy and found and listened to the strong heart rate, but when she checked mom to look for infection, she noticed I was ready to come out. This was a surprise because I wasn’t due to come out until November 11th... so mom was just 26 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Mom and dad were sent by ambulance to Abbott Northwestern. Once at the hospital, mom was checked further and noted to be dilated to 8cm and my feet were trying to come out, so mom was sent for a c section right away. I was born on August 7th at  6:33pm. I weighed 2 pounds 9 ounces and was 14.25 inches long. I was brought to Children’s Minneapolis Hospital with a whole NICU team and I will stay until I am ready to go home. 

Update February 10, 2023: Wyatt is happy and as healthy as he can be. He remains medically complex with a rare genetic anomaly (gains of function and loss of function on the gene CCDC88C), pontocerebellar hypoplasia, semicircular ear canal anomaly, sensorineural hearing loss, chronic lung disease, dysphasia, acid reflux, hypotonia, von willebrand, and periodic breathing. 

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