Bill Martin

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tl;dr: I gots the cancer.

I recently found out that I have stage II tongue cancer. There are two version of this - I got the "good" one. Still, it's cancer, and cancer sucks, and cancer in the year of the covid extra sucks.

I've already been asked by the few that already know how they could help. Honestly, I don't know yet. I imagine that meals will be a big help since my lauded cooking skills will be semiretired and Gabby and Noah will also be occupied with other needs (like trying not to smother me in my sleep). We're working on organizing a meal train, and details will be posted soon.

Since this is Cancer in the Time of the Covid, we will also likely need help with errand running/grocery getting so we can lock down just a bit tighter than we already are. I'll be at a slightly higher risk for anything due to the impact the rad/chemo has on my immune system, so we'd like to limit out of house trips as much as possible. If you're local and can help,  just email Gabrielle at agkaasa at gmail or text at 919-995-4150. If you call, well, just don't. A text is good. 😉

That's all I can think of off the top of my head (yes, got cancer, think of food; we've met, right?).

Please ask all the questions and I'll answer them.