Wiley Corra

First post: Mar 29, 2018 Latest post: Apr 18, 2020
Our beautiful boy Wiley is fighting hard for his life and health after a fall and traumatic brain injury which occurred in the most benign of settings. On March 24th, 2018, after a great day of  skiing with friends in Utah,  we went out for a movie. Killing time, waiting for the show to start, we were outside on a pedestrian bridge. There was a low wall on the opposite side that, deceptively, looked to have grass immediately behind. In fact, there was a gap between the grass and bridge that dropped 25 feet to a service road below. Excited and energetic, Wiley lept onto the wall, looking back at us, and dropped to the other side expecting a short and soft landing on grass, as we expected too. Hearing a delayed hit from below, we knew this wasn’t the case.  

Frantically, I searched for a way down. When I got to my  boy I was sure he was lost to us. I now know that grief. Within five minutes the ambulance was there; ten more and he was at Intermountain Hospital, Level I Trauma Center in Murray, UT.  Dr Peter Maughan performed a decompressive craniectomy (removal of a section of skull to allow the brain to swell). There is significant damage to his left brain. Other various fractures and breaks are not of concern, his spine is okay, and bruised lungs will heal. He is fighting hard. 

Wiley has always been a determined young man. He is an excellent, Freshman Honor Roll Student at Durango High School. He is sweet, loving and caring toward his friends, family, and teammates, never in serious trouble, focused and attentive (when we pry his nose out of video devices). He has a long and arduous road ahead toward recovery. While he is as well prepared for this journey as anyone could be, the outcome is uncertain.  The care at IMH is outstanding. Given the circumstances we couldn’t be in a better place. 

We so appreciate your taking an interest in Wiley’s recovery. The love and support that has been flowing from our home community, Durango (and well beyond) is staggering.  As hard as this is-  and it is the hardest thing we have ever endured- it would be unimaginable without your love, prayers, and positive thoughts for Wiley’s recovery. You are helping  us become the warriors needed to fight alongside our precious boy. Thank you.