Wilene (Willi) Bridger

First post: Jan 10, 2022 Latest post: Jul 22, 2022
Time, where has the time gone? It speeds up and slows down until suddenly all that is left is a short while. That is how we felt when hearing words that made time stand still. Growths they said, several of them- multiple locations and now time for immediate doctoring. It’s not good Dad said as tears and a shaky voice broke through the phone so with my heart standing still, we began this journey.

We, as Bridgers have always taken things in stride or seasons. We had seasons of Octobers where everything came crashing down with Joel- but now closing out 2021 and entering 2022 we begin the season of my Mamie, my mom, Dad’s wife and help mate, Nana, Wilene.

The official diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer came just days before holidays. Making our holidays even more precious- thoughts of this could be our last and wondering how to make the memories most significant. Now instead of taking it for granted we hold that hug just a little longer, listen closer to the story, or squabble over who is who’s game partner, we listen to the sound of her breathing or just admire her while she is getting ready for the day.

Jan 6, 2022 Mamie’s courage filled the room. After the words of 4-6 months without treatment and maybe an extension of 6-12 months with treatment, Mamie’s decision was made. No treatment. Beautifully explained by Popie- “Her life is a beautiful picture that has been painted, why ruin the picture now with sickness and pain- just when we could be having our sweetest moments.” No treatment. The selfishness of me wants Mamie longer, but will the time extension make the pain of her loss for Popie and I any less?  No! It was explained that usually patients of this kind go to sleep and just don’t wake up, so until that moment arrives it is the wish of Mamie to just be normal. She plans to live life, snuggle her babies, say “I love you”, have visitors and do whatever comes her way.

So, with courage we go forward for as long as God’s plan will give us. Please use this page as a place to share stories with Mamie, Popie and I. We will update with all the joys and sorrows that we are experiencing in the time that we have left together. Love from each of us and thank you for your love to our family.



Peaceful Unknowns

For Mamie, Love Paula

Mysteries below the surface, punching, grinding growing.

Hearts hurting, fluttering, melting.

Season bitter, cold and harsh-

Gives way to rainbow, bright, peace.