Wendy Farrell

First post: Jul 8, 2019 Latest post: Apr 8, 2021
Thanks for taking the time to check in on Wendy’s well-being and ways to support her through the next several months! The diagnosis is Multiple Myeloma which is a type of plasma/blood cancer. Pain is the biggest symptom. She will be undergoing chemo and other medical treatments for the Myeloma to help keep her bones stable so she doesn't continue to fracture and have new bone lesions. October 2020 update: Visitors are greatly appreciated with Covid restrictions in mind. Please Call first. I do have good days ( able to drive and do short shopping trips) and bad days ( need to rest, often sleep all day and night). Folk who help with Transportation to Dr Appointments need to be able to lift my folding walker in and out of the car. My restrictions are still NO BLT: No Bending or Lifting 5+ lbs or Twisting. Update October 2020: I'm not being so formal about the planner. Let me know if you can spend an hour or two with me with Covid precautions or sign up for transport to appointments. Elizabeth Brownrigg has been wonderful about taking me to my every other Tuesday drop off and pick up from chemotherapy appointments, but sometimes she needs back up. Jana Mundy has been weeding the garden. Filling the bird feeders is a nice thing to do on a visit. Picking up groceries is still very helpful. Occasionally I can do it myself. I am back to driving my car on good days. I can walk without the walker if it's not a long distance. I use the shopping cart as a stabilizer at the grocery store when I'm feeling well enough to drive and shop, otherwise it's great to have someone fill the list for me. I could use help cleaning my house occasionally. Sometimes I can sweep the floors. Sometimes not. Thanks, Wendy.