Hailey Myers We love you Hailey Myers

Hailey is going to be 16 this month , she almost did not see that birthday after recent events from this past weekend. On Saturday morning (November 2nd) Hailey was complaining of a chest infection and and her ear hurting. She was seen in Urgent Care in Sioux City Iowa and was prescribed an antibiotic and sent on her way. Approximately 1 hour after arriving home Hailey was screaming in pain. . could not walk nor hardly get a scentence out of her mouth
 We were unsure if she was having a panic attack or what do we debated calling 911 , thankfully we are 2 blocks from the Emergency Room. Haileys step dad carried her to the car and we flew to the ER. Upon arriving Drs were stumped so that started a series of tests all while Hailey was declining RAPIDLY.  As a Mom I was terrified
 Anyone who knows Hailey knows she is a very special girl
If you have ever seen her art work you have been moved. The talent this girl possesses is that of an artist who has had many years training
As the hours drug on , the tests did not stop. Hailey was incoherant . . She would burst out with nonsense every few moments but no one could understand her. I couldn't breathe and there were no answers. Finally one test came back showing slight pneumonia in her right lung (ok an answer but why is she acting this way??)  A simple blood sugar test came back and we knew.... She was In ketoacidosis or DKA. Her blood sugar level was so high it was basically destroying her insides and brain function
 Drs in Sioux City straight up told me " We can not help her and to save her life she will be transported to the Omaha childrens hospital" ok fine lets GO THEN. Nope .. 10 min later they said the hospital In Sioux Falls SD would be a better option because they didn't think she would survive the longer trip to Omaha
 At first it was driving in an ambulance, and then they said NO we must fly its quicker on A small air plane and I had exactly 15 min to get home and pack and get back so I could ride with her. Upon arriving home , my fiancee called and said they were not waiting for the plane and the helicopter would be there in 10 min to Life Flight her to sioux falls. I no more than walked in my front door and turned around and walked right back out and drove 60mph back to the ER.  I watched the Emergency team load my lifeless daughter into the back of a helicopter and take off. I couldn't go with her ... I had to drive up separately.  I was a mess .. Bawling and praying. I drove 100mph the whole hour long drive not knowing if my child was alive or not 💔 
 I got to Sandford Childrens Hospital at 11:30 pm. __we were in the Sioux City ER for 11 hours__  Hailey was in the Pediatric ICU for 2 whole days on 24 hour watch
 It was slow and scary .. But she finally came out of it and when they asked her what her name was she didnt respond for almost 2 days. Finally ... She whimpered "hailey" and Im telling you I CRIED SO HARD. God chose to save her and let her live and the team did an amazing job !!!! We spent an additional day In the hospital \\infact as I'm typing this we are still here//  We have a long road ahead of us but we are going home soon and she is ALIVE. 💜 F*#@ Diabetes
 If anyone could donate we would be forever grateful. Even Sending her well wishes or a Card for her Sweet 16
 Ive had to miss lots of work and will be missing much more as she is on the road to recovery.  Keep in touch with us and watch this site for updates and as ALWAYS thank you to EVERYONE who offered prayers, who visited and sent up good vibes. It helped