Tammra Bower We Love Tammy

First post: Jul 24, 2018 Latest post: Aug 11, 2018
Tammy was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma cancer in April 2017 after the doctors discovered it growing on some uterine fibroids she was scheduled to have removed. It progressed quickly to stage 4 within a couple months of surgery.  Since the diagnosis, Tammy has been fighting the disease with both fists and a whole heart, moving from chemo drug to different chemo, radiation, stents, and  smaller surgeries along the way. Her family has been by her side creating memories knowing every additional day is a gift and to not take any moment, smile, laugh and memory for granted. Tammy's most recent trip included a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii where it was discovered she was going to be a grandma! 

Tammy is a loving, caring, kind hearted wife, mom, friend, sister, aunt, and woman. She would always make jokes with the nurses and took each new obstacle on with a determination and spirit to live out the rest of her life the best she could. 

Now, we have learned the disease has spread to multiple places in her abdomen, as well as her pancreas and liver. We were told we are now out of treatment options, and may only have possibly days left so we are taking it one minute at a time. Please take the time here to send thoughts, prayers, or whatever else you may need or whatever you might want to say to Tammy. She is our shining light and we love her so so much, and we will be sure to relay the messages to her. Thanks to everyone for the support and we hope to maybe see you soon.