Weldon Koehn

First post: Dec 26, 2020 Latest post: Jan 14, 2021
Dad- Dad had been sick for about a week. On Nov. 30, 2020, Calvin's took Dad & Mom to the Emergency Room in Indianola. His oxygen sats were in the 80's.  They worked with him in the ER to bring his oxygen level up.  After a time, they told Calvin's that Dad stopped breathing. They intubated him to get him breathing again. (His heart had not stopped) That night he was transferred to the Greenwood-Leflore hospital. He spent two weeks there.  They tried hard to get him weaned off the ventilator.  After two weeks, he was moved off the COVID floor to ICU. Shirley got to see him in the ICU. 
That afternoon, we got the news that there was an opening in SELECT SPECIALTY- JACKSON. (an acute-care, long-term hospital/rehab center. They are especially trained to and equipped to wean patients off the ventilator.) He was moved that evening to Jackson. The past 12 days, Dad's vitals signs are all good. Due to reaching a time limit with the tube down his throat, they put in a trach on Dec. 22. The trach is helping him breathe, but each day they are turning down the oxygen more. 
Mom- They sent Mom home on the 30th with medications. On the 5th of December, we took Mom back to the ER. She was quite mixed up and very weak, cough didn't sound good and eating was minimal. They admitted her to the hospital in Indianola. Her oxygen level was in the low  90's. She had pneumonia in one lung. She was there till Wednesday, Dec. 16. The doctor didn't feel like  they could do anything more for her there, so they sent her home. Her dementia had just taken over and she hardly responded to the family. She peacefully left us Saturday evening, December 19.