Wayne Weld

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May 24, 2019  (https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/wayneweld/journal/view/id/5ce817efa57a402c3b8b4659)Journal entry by Bekki Harper — 1 hour ago

Our good friend and Mr. Network guru himself has had some life changes encapsulate him in the last few matter of weeks. It has been a very progressive ordeal which has kept him in Drs offices many times a week over the last several weeks trying to piece together several varying symptoms which culminated, “finally”, thanks to Dr Dawson at the VA, in his current diagnosis. 
Thank you Dr. Dawson for putting all the pieces together and figuring out the big picture. 
As you have probably already been apprised of these things this post will fill in some of the details.
Eight weeks ago Wayne was going to the gym 3-4 days a week and even picked up his golf clubs for a round of 9 holes. 
Shortly after:
•He started having difficulty swallowing. (A symptom of Parkinson’s progression)
•Lack of appetite and food tastelessness 
•sever exhaustion and inability to sleep (another symptom of Parkinson’s)
•compression sores (initial reply from medical professionals “ you are sitting too much” yeah right, they don’t know our Wayne)
The following ensued: 

•Got a recommend to see a swallow specialist.
•Discovered a UTI. treated with antibiotics. 
•Carted off to the wound care specialist 2 and 3 times a week for 3 weeks
•fitted for a RoHo cushion
•Told to drink Ensure for calorie intake 
Meanwhile Wayne is loosing a pound a day.
Tougher and tougher to swallow. And overall fatigue. 
5-19-19 Thank goodness Wayne was scheduled for an annual physical at the VA.
Dr Dawson took one look at him and the list of symptoms and immediately ordered a CT.
It revealed a mass. 
Ordered admittance to VA Hospital 
Following discoveries revealed: •blot clots on the lungs
•sever restriction in esophagus 
• inflammation of the lymph nodes 
All results of a very aggressive fast growing cancer.
Drs still have not identified its origin only the fact that it has metastasized beyond the ability to treat.
Dr’s feel any form of treatment would only harm him more than help him. 
Wayne is very well aware of his prognosis. Is happy to have written his autobiography last year and is happy to say he has completed everything on his bucket list.
Your love, your prayers and your individual relationship with him over the years have been a treasure to him.

Steps are being taken currently to secure a comfortable high level care support team for him to insure he has all he needs.Please feel free to share your stories, pictures and anecdotes so we all get to know Wayne even better. 
God Bless Wayne and God bless all of you! 
P. S. Wayne wants you to know, Any of his 5 books can be purchased on Amazon, he wrote them for you.