Wyatt Kittle Warrior Wyatt

First post: Jul 19, 2021 Latest post: Feb 21, 2022
Wyatt is all boy! His 2 year old body does not stop moving - he literally runs circles around his friends, and his body wiggles with excitement as if the energy within him just can't be contained! Still, when the moment is right, Wyatt melts into the sweetest cuddle buddy you could ask for. He knows he's cute and uses his sweet and cherubic smile to soften the edges just as you are ready to loose it!

Wyatt's diagnosis of B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in early July come as a complete shock. From the first call with Erica after receiving the news, I was struck by her resolution and grit. In a time when their future seemed unnavigable, there was a matter of fact, grounded tone to to her voice that reminded me that the road they got on, while not the one they wanted, is the road that will end at the destination they intended. Every twist and turn, every hill and valley they travel across will be worth it to end up where they want to be.

As Erica shared recently, "Wyatt's strength, smile and courage will carry us all through this challenging journey."

Erica, David and Wyatt are loved and cared for by so many across the country, and across the world. During this time where physical distance has taken on new meanings, it is our hope to continue to wrap the Kittles in support so they can focus on their family, and most importantly, getting Wyatt cancer free!

All funds raised through the GoFundMe link will go towards supporting Wyatt during his treatment - to provide his favorite meals, safe outside activities, medical support, etc.

Thank you for supporting this amazing family!