Warren Gentry Updates on Warren Gentry

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. Warren Gentry and I were on a 50th Wedding Anniversary cruise given by our children. While docked in Athens Greece, Warren started feeling faint and was checked by the cruise doctor. His heart was in Atrial Fib and his blood pressure was extremely low. He was taken to a nearby hospital in Athens and admitted. Overnight, he began to have extreme stomach pain and was taken to ICU and diagnosed with an acute diverticulitis attack and pancreatitis. The infection from the pancreas within hours began to cause multiple organ failure. He had fluid building up in his body and in his lungs.  He was unresponsive, intubated and given very strong antibiotics hoping to get the infection under control and address the fluid in his lungs. His health, however, continued to fail. The doctors gave him a 60% chance of living the first day and it went down every day after that. When they said he had a 20% of survival the children all flew over to say goodbye to their father.  After being in the ICU in Greece for 8 days and believing that he would not make it he took a turn for the better. Even so slight, an improvement was such a welcome relief. After being in the ICU for 13 days we were able to MedEvac him home to the states. The hospital bills in Greece were over $50,000 and to MedEvac him home was $100,000. Medicare will not cover anything outside of the U.S, our secondary will reimburse only a small portion of the cost, and our travel insurance covers up to $25,000, which will also be reimbursed. We know that God is faithful, though, and provides all that we need. Thank you for your support and prayers during all of this struggle.  Warren is not "out of the woods" yet but we have a fighting chance and we have him home.