Love <3

Walter Bryde

First post: May 5, 2019 Latest post: Sep 9, 2019
I met Walt in 1999. He tapped me on the shoulder & I still remember turning around & going weak in the knees. That was it! There’s no one I’ve ever met quite like him. He could always make the important stuff happen. Like closing on the house I really wanted, getting Jameson moved to the “full” dorm in college, fixing appliances & our cars with YouTube videos, saving bunnies & a turtle our dog decided to “play” with, teaching Ellison all the “scary but fun” things I would tell her not to do out of my own fear which empowered her to be fearless... he has always supported me in everything I wanted to try. He’d tell me I could do anything. He’s also been the one person in my life to love me enough to tell me when I was wrong. Both are equally important to hear. Our relationship has had its share of struggles, all relationships of any length do. But we have always had honesty... even when it was delayed a bit... eventually we’d talk & never kept anything from one another.

When we first began this cancer thing, we kind of divided & conquered. It’s just the way we’ve always handled things. We’re both very independent. Cancer has made us lean on one another but it also makes us stand stronger. I’m not sure where this will take us, but we’re going hand in hand.