Viviana Claire Viviana Claire

Meet Viviana Claire ... About 7 weeks ago we were in a house fire me her mom , Viv , and our pup polo . It was August 14th at around 9:30 pm when the lightening hit the transformer out back our home cutting all our electricity out . I had no flash lights and only thing I could find was candle stick and holder in my great grandmothers old home.  I placed it in the living room on on my glass and wood cabnet .. Everything was fine but Viv was fussy and tired I took her up in our room (I co slept) rocked her to sleep like I always do and went back down stairs . I started calling bge with all other neighbors trying to figure out this outage . My phone died I went to car opened passenger door and turned car to battery and plug it in and waited for it to turn on with a charge . I had weird feeling looked back and could see glow of fire in my window I couldn't hear no alarm until I was actually in house. When I looked to left I seen the couch and curtains on fire the candle must fell into dogs bed next to couch, which lit couch up. The fire flames wasn't worse part it was the smoke from just couch and curtains alone the smoke was so heavy it instantly burned you. And on top it was pitch black in house, except for fire. I ran in fast not thinking and enhaled so much smoke I almost passed out I ran out got air ran back in , it was so hot my hair started instantly burning , I grabbed rail my skin peeled off my hand but I kept on trying until each time I ran out of air it was so dark and smoke wouldn't allow for u to keep ur eyes open as it burned them so bad to point I had burns on top and bottom of my eyes and lids from trying to blink fast to see I tried covering my face with my robe but nothing worked the fire was growing so fast while I was in there spreading to carpet and stairs I was on  ,all this happened so fast it is unbelievable believe me it's what I kept repeating . I frantically ran back out unable to breath or see and screamed for help at top of my lungs , I had no shoes or anything on just night gown and robe and was banging on neighbors door,  people called 911 as everyone came trying to get in as well and the smoke was just too hot for anyone the couch and curtains and carpet caught fire in minutes the widows and electrical sockets blew causing an explosion downstairs, busting the widows out , from the heat the door started belting and back drafted in yet we all still tried fire and police arrived in minutes and they went in to get Viv but it was too late she went into cardiac arrest (this hurts to write) they revived her within 15 minutes but she stained burns on her arm leg and side face resulting in 19% of body from the smoke no fire was around her that's how hot the smoke is. Once revived she dipped into a self induced coma she has not waken up from and they say she suffered an anoxic brain injury and brain damage , they told me she wouldn't last a week and her brain would swell to point of brain death but it didn't the swelling slowly went down , they said she wouldn't survive surgery to just let her pass from infection we would have atleast week with her I said no do surgery she has now had 5 skin grafting surgeries and is now healing doing great in all 4. But now we are at point they say she will never wake up and if she does she will have no quality of life but that little girl is fighting and doing things to let me know she's still somewhere in there I don't care if she'll never be the same Viv and has disabilities I will take care of her no matter what it cost or what I have to do ... My burns were nothing compared to her or what she endured and I can't sleep hardly eat and cry everyday with what I could or should have done knowing I tried everything but death ... So now I'm praying for a miracle from God to let my baby wake up . To let me see her smile again and be able to see and hear momma say I love you beautiful . My heart aches everyday with a pain I would never wish on anyone and if anything I hope to give people a sense to never give up even when others have that a mothers love is unconditional through any kind of pain . I just wish people wouldn't judge but instead use that energy to pray and uplift . On top of loosing everything and my baby so badly hurt I lost my first best friend my dog if 6 years my side kick , he left the front door to go be with Viv upstairs as he never left her side since she was born. The thought of what they went through up there kills me knowing how bad it was for me just trying to get through it my heart is so broken but I pray and hope still , hoping everyone else will pray with me . Thank god for the police and fireman responding so quickly and helping my baby girl be able to breath again on her own . 

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