Victor Rivera

First post: Apr 17, 2018
Hi, this is Jamie and Jena and we will be updating you with Victor's progress.   This page is for UPDATES ONLY.    It has been hard to keep everyone updated on his progress and we are hoping this will help bridge communication.   We would love for you to please leave your well wishes and we will share them with him.  

 Our dad was admitted to Los Alamitos ER February 16th with very low pulse ox of 76.  He was admitted to the floor there, when he coded he was transported to the ICU where he spent a little over 2 weeks.  He was then transported to Kindred Westminster for recovery, unfortunately, he did not progress as quickly as we hoped.  He was at Kindred until Tuesday, April 10th.  He was then transported to Garden Park in Garden Grove for recovery with the hope he would quickly be discharged home. However,  on April 15th he was rushed to Garden Grove ER for having high CO2, low pulse ox and difficulty breathing.  He is currently in the ICU and is being monitored until being discharged to Garden Park for him to continue his recovery.  

Jena and I will continue to read and update this site.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask us here, as well as leave your love for our dad.  As aforementioned, it has been extremely hard to keep up with text messages etc, so we are hoping that this will help alleviate any communication snafus.  Thank you,  Jamie and Jena.