Nicole Davis

First post: Jul 4, 2022 Latest post: Aug 30, 2022
I’m usually a private person but my health journey has inspired me to share my story. My diagnosis has been described as ‘rare’ but if it can happen to me, then it can certainly impact someone else just like me. In a few years, I have gone from an active person who loved to run 5ks and intense workout classes to someone who gets winded after climbing only a few steps on the stairs. In 2016, I experienced my first pulmonary embolism (PE) and since then have had about 4 additional clots that range from more PEs to a cerebral clot (stroke) .  For me the scariest one was the stroke until my most recent PE which is a large blood clot that has completely blocked off the blood supply to my right lung. This led to a diagnosis of chronic throboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) which now requires an ‘open lung’ surgery called a pulmonary thromboendarectomy (PTE). How? Why? What? These have all been questions that I have asked myself and it has only been recently that I got a clear answer to the main culprit behind my numerous blood clots.  My fibroids have been pressing on the veins coming from my legs! Those ‘benign tumors’ along with evidence of autoinflammatory disease has brought me to this point in my journey. Now I face a challenging battle for better health and full recovery. So I consider myself a #CTEPHwarrior, a #Fibroidwarrior...a fighter in every sense of the word.

In Proverbs 22:1, the bible says that “a good name is more desirable than great riches”. The meaning of my name (Nicole) is “Victorious People”.  I have experienced challenges with my health in recent years but as I face this battle, I am reminded that with God I am a Victorious One.