Tyler Morrison

First post: Oct 23, 2019 Latest post: Aug 27, 2020
Tyler has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is currently residing at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. 
This is not a donation site; this is not a pity site; this is a C.O.P.E site- a Collection Of Positive Energy. Tyler is literally in a fight for his life- the chemo treatment is reducing his immune system to zero- zero protection against any infection. All precautions are being taken but 25% of cancer patients die during their first round of chemo due to an infection. On the subject of statistics- please completely ignore them- we are. In this situation the internet is not your friend- please do not waste your time with WebMD or Doctors-R-Us or any other sources- it will confuse you and it will depress you. Statistics are based on very large numbers- Tyler is a very small number- one! If one person can beat this, so will Tyler- he is young, he is fit, he is strong  and he is above average; statistics mean nothing to him. What does mean the world to him is support; support from his family, support from his friends; support from people who barely know him and support from people who don’t know him at all. I firmly believe energy can move mountains, hence the C.O.P.E site: If you have a God, please pray to them; if you have a different belief system, please key into it; if you consider “religion” to be a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, then just think of Tyler in a positive way. This is going to be a long haul and he is going to need your support for the entire journey. Please take a moment right now and fix a marker in your mind- a particular part of your church service, a favorite tv show, a certain type of bird, a challenging golf hole, anything; fix it in your mind so that every time you encounter the marker you think of Tyler and you send him a positive thought. (Seriously, take a pause and fix a marker right now- got one? Carry on!) Please share Tyler’s CaringBridge page with everyone you know and ask them to share it. Please “follow” the page so you are notified of journal updates and comment on them often- a simple emoji is enough, it carries positive thought. If you are more verbose, feel free to pour your heart out and write a book if you prefer- he needs it all. Bear in mind it is a kid friendly site so keep it PG J Tyler has a whole class of second graders in Ohio who have followed him through boot camp, sent him letters in Iraq and are pulling for him now!!

A Collection Of Positive Energy- it will help him COPE, it will help his family COPE and it will help us all COPE. 

Join the team, join the fight.

Mailing Address:
Patient Tyler Morrison
Floor 5T, Room 570
Brooke Army Medical Center
3551 Roger Brooke Dr.,
San Antonio TX 78219
NO FLOWERS OR PLANTS allowed in his room but he would love to receive cards and notes.