Tyler Deck

First post: Jul 14, 2022 Latest post: Apr 20, 2023
Welcome to our CaringBridge site where we will do our best to update and keep you in the loop. The outpouring of love as been so overwhelming. This isn’t easy but we are so blessed to have such a supportive village. Please check back often. Thank you for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.

Here is a little background to what led to the diagnosis. 

It started in September/October 2021 when Dad went to the dentist for a toothache. It actually ended up being a root canal and for whatever reason, the procedure needed to be completed by a specialist. During the procedure the doctor ended up breaking the tooth. We believe this may have caused an infection which traveled into the sinuses. Following several visits to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, it was determined the best treatment would be surgery to clear out the sinuses. 

In January 2022, the sinus surgery was completed. However Dad continued to struggle and developed chest pain. Weeks went by and he was not making progress. He was sent to a chiropractor to help. Unfortunately, the chest pain continued and he began to have issues breathing. The ENT ordered a CT scan which showed that the sinuses were clear. In April, Dr. D, Dads primary care physician decided to order a chest X-ray. Results of the X-ray showed a large mass wrapped around the windpipe. Thanks to
the doctor, Dad was able to get appointment with a pulmonary doctor the following day. As we predicted, the Pulmonologist wanted to do a biopsy. Additional tests also revealed spots on the liver and brain. Unfortunately, the biopsy was delayed due to Dad tested positive for Covid.  Following the 10 quarantine protocol, Dad was set to have the biopsy Friday April 15th. Dad was admitted and prepped for the procedure. The anesthesiologist comes in to chat and ask a few questions. During the exam he listens to his heart. The doctor discovers a heart murmur (possibly caused by the tumor). He determines the biopsy is too risky and could be fatal if preformed. Dad was told to get additional bloodwork and an EKG on his heart. Luckily he was able to get that completely quickly and was able to return the following Wednesday for the biopsy. The procedure confirmed cancer and he was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer.