Tyler Cox

First post: Sep 21, 2018 Latest post: Sep 28, 2018
Tyler went to the VA with back pain and numbness.   After 3 ER visits and 4 MRIs in a week,  Tyler was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, which is an inflammation of the spinal cord.   The VA didn't have any beds available,  so he was transferred to the University of Minnesota hospital.   More tests to follow,  including an MRI of the brain.   The doctors found several lesions on his brain and two on his spinal cord.   He was then tentitevly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,  which is what caused the transverse myelitis.  We're currently waiting for a lumbar puncture to confirm the diagnosis.   Tyler will be in the hospital for five days getting steroids.  He's in pain,  but is being managed as best as possible.   There had definitely been a lot of love and support from friends and family both far and near.   Instead of trying to send group texts and spending all day on the phone giving updates. I thought this would be the best easy to share information.