Tucker Thoen

First post: Oct 12, 2022 Latest post: Dec 13, 2022
Hi everyone, this past Tuesday, October 11th, Tucker had a very serious car accident. At approximately 1:40am his car flew off the side of the road at the corner of highway 10 and county road E in Prescott. The car rolled 3 times and the engine caught on fire. He was able to get himself out in time for an off duty policeman to see him and save his life. He was then airlifted to regions hospital in St. Paul and put into the care of the wonderful and amazing staff there. His injuries include; lung damage from smoke inhalation, a fractured transverse process in his back (broken back), a small cut on his kidney, 3 fractured ribs, and 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering 30-40% of his body. Other than the burns all of his injuries are recoverable on their own and will heal themselves with time. His burns are more serious, They cover his legs, waist, buttocks, shoulders, arms, and partially his face. His fore arms and hands got the most damage. He already had one surgery to release the pressure on his hands and wrists because he is swelling up. He is scheduled for another surgery this Friday to remove some of the burns and graph new skin. His injuries are serious but he’s expected to make a full recovery. When we came to the hospital he was fully responsive and can move all his limbs and nod his head. He can answer yes or no questions and can tell when we’re around. He was super excited to see Gary, Melissa, and Maecyn. At the moment he cannot speak because he has a ventilator in his mouth but Maecyn was able to make him laugh and he tried to mouth I’m sorry and I love you. He is doing so good and is on his way to a strong and healthy recovery. The burn ward team at regions is state of the art and he’s in very good hands. He is a very lucky boy and we’re all so blessed and thankful he’s alive. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. If you would like to help in any way please send pictures to Melissa or Maecyn to hang up in his room. 🤍 If you would like to donate we ask that you Venmo either Melissa or Maecyn because CaringBridge keeps a high percentage.  
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