Autumn Patterson Truth over Fact

First post: Apr 30, 2022 Latest post: Oct 7, 2022
Hello all! Thank you for stopping by. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do anything through social media with my new season I have began to walk through. After much thought, thinking, praying and talking with my husband and friends I felt this was the right path to take at this time. Bare with me as I maneuver through this journey with updates as they come. I have never been a social media gal so this is truly all new to me. 

I am 37 and a mother to three wonderful and beautiful kids. 
Tyler is six years old and our little mini adult. He is so caring and protective of his siblings. If you need a good hug and snuggle he is your boy. 
Kayden is our 5 year old boy who is always in his own magical world. He makes us laugh daily and wants to make sure everyone is having a good time as he seems to always be. 
Lillian is our feisty three year old who keeps us on our toes every second of the day. She is ornery and so sweet all in one. 
To sum it up I am a very blessed momma and so thankful for my three wonderful blessings! 
I have been married almost 15 years to my amazing husband Kevin who has been my rock, strength and best friend. So thankful for him through this journey of life. 

The last two months have been a whirlwind. I started feeling pain in my abdomen in February 2022. After battling endometriosis my entire life I kind of brushed it to the side for awhile just summing it up to that.  As time went on and pain was increasing and just not feeling well I felt God tell me to go to the dr right away. And I think I knew deep down this was something more and not so simple. After my annual check up, ultra sounds, blood work, CT scans the doctors found an 11 cm tumor on my right ovary.  And some inflammation throughout my abdomen. We met with my OB oncologist, Dr. Dedmond who has been amazing by the way, on April 6th and had surgery scheduled for April 19th. They ended up having to do a full hysterectomy while removing the tumor and took samples of other tissues as well to have biopsied. On April 27th we sat down with my Dr and was told I have stage 3A ovarian cancer. And that we need to start chemo asap. 

You never think the word cancer will be said to you and that you will have to face this fight. You hear of people who have cancer but always think that can never be me. Your sitting in the dr office while she is explaining it all and you just feel numb. You feel as if your floating and trying to comprehend everything she is telling you. It feels so surreal. But…in the midst of all the information, confusions, why’s, no it’s not true, praying it’s a dream, noise…the list goes on and on I knew in that very moment God was in control and He was holding me through it. I had a dear friend of mine tell me at the very beginning of all this and not knowing yet what it all was, “the fact is you have a tumor on your body and we are unsure what that will lead to, but the TRUTH is God!” I have clung to those words. This is a scary unknown time. This is a new season of walking into the complete unknown. But I’m not alone. I have felt Gods complete peace and strength and grace through this all and I know He will continue to hold me. I never imagined in a million years that I would be facing cancer. But I am. But I also know God is bigger than this and He is truth. 

My goal is to update friends and family weekly of this journey. And I will try my best to do that. But also if I can be any encouragement to others out there walking this same journey.