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First post: Apr 3, 2021
My name is Tricia, or for short, Trix, and I created this site when I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis for having a place to share my health journey with family, friends and anyone else interested. I'm writing this journal (in both Swedish and English) to have all my updates in one place so that my close ones can stay updated.

How it started.

I was born in 1992. In 2015 I got my Autism diagnosis (but we knew earlier that I was autistic) and I had also got other diagnoses when I was a child. In 2013 I started to experience joint and muscle pain, but it wasn't until 2020 in August the life just fell apart. I could barely walk (sometimes I couldn't move at all!), I was sleeping for days, I had severe pain in joints and was constantly swollen around the joints, especially around the knees, wrists and ancles.

It took waaaay too long to get help, from august 2020 to february 2021, actually. And I'm still waiting to get my treatment - Metoject/Methrotrexate (injections) - today. Our health care system in sweden is cheap for us without an income, BUT it's sure damn SLOW!

Anyway, they have told me I'm going to start with Metoject soon.

I have got my first treatment with cortisone injections though. I got 4 injections in 4 joints, my knees and my ancles in february 2021.

My story was horrible even before I got rheumatoid arthritis. I have experienced severe trauma due to sexual assault, abuse and mistreatment. I have been to psychiatric centres due to my mental health issues. And when I finally is free from traumatic experiences and feel better mentally, then I got rheumatoid arthritis instead... I felt so alone and ashamed.

But instead of being ashamed I may do samthing about it. So I create this page! Here I will document my journey and I do also use to track my health progress. You can visit my profile here:

I'm also on PostHope: