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At the age of 35 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a lumpectomy, 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, I was stage 2 with 2 lymph nodes involved, I'm now 70, I was diagnosed in April 2019 of Metastatic breast cancer, my breast cancer from 35 years ago came back, metastasized in my bone, L3 in spine, this cancer is stage 4 with no cure, only drugs to help shrink or slow it down,,,as of today, Sept 4 2019, I'm getting monthly injections of faslodex, I get one in each side in hip area, I hate it, it's an estrogen blocker, it causes severe hot flashes, extreme fatigue, joint pain, it's a life change for sure, I sleep or at least rest most of the day, nights are horrible with hot flashes. at this time I'm seriously thinking of quitting the shots, I want quality of life. I will see my Dr Sept 16th and will decide then. I will get a pet scan the 18th to see if the shots are helping or if it has spread to other places, .. 😥
the injections made me lose my appetite, lost 25 pounds, yay, wanted to but not that way, I couldn't taste anything for over 2 months, I drink ensure and protein drinks, I have my taste back for a lot of things but not much of an appetite, I don't even crave anything. the last 2 weeks have been terrible for fatigue, I just lay down, everything I do wears me out. tomorrow is another day...