Tricia Lillibridge

First post: Nov 24, 2019 Latest post: Aug 21, 2021
Mama suffered an ischemic stroke the weekend of November 16th. While we often think of stroke as a singular event with immediate warning signs (FAST), for many including Tricia, doctors believe the stroke had a slow onset over the last several weeks culminating in the severe event beginning Friday Nov 16th.

Her daughter Kym received a call from Paramedics informing her they were rushing her to the hospital to begin immediate and critical care.  For the next week, she was hospitalized at Providence in Everett, WA where she diligently worked with occupational, physical and speech therapists.

Each of her therapists remarked at her will and dedication  to push through the exercises which is a testament to her strength and spunk, both of which are needed right now.  This dedication reminded Tricia of something one of her daughters used to say to her own mom Ola during Ola's time in Alaska..."Come on gramma, you can do it, put a little power to it!"  Now we've  just changed it from gramma to mama.

Of course each day is different and presents itself with challenges as recovery from a stroke is intense.  Some of the challenges for Tricia include the paralysis of her right side which was her dominate side as well as her speech.   The doctors described her stroke as not significant in size but very significant in placement as it is deep in her brain where motor control exists.  That said, she is diligently working to rebuild strength in her left hand which allows her to brush her hair, feed herself, hold books, talk on the phone and more.  The same applies to her speech as she works to reconnect words and the associated objects.  The autonomy this provides will be the key to improvement with the end goal being a recovery allowing an independent life or as close to as possible.  

Now that Tricia has been discharged from the hospital, she will continue to work on her various therapies at Mother Joseph Center in Olympia. 

For those of you that are concerned about whether Tricia is still "in there", please know that she is still rolling her eyes, loves her Diet Coke, wonders how the Seahawks are doing and sings her heart out at every chance.  This is a testament to who she is as a mom, wife, sister, gramma and friend.  She loves fiercely and we will love her back every step of the way.  This is now a ultra-marathon, not a sprint and we all will need to remember that. 

It’s also important to share an update about Clint, her husband. We are thankful for Clint’s daughter Juli who has become Clint’s angel. Taking him into her home he’s now resting, re- establishing a routine, and chatting with Tricia each day. Though they’re miles apart, a weekly visit and a daily FaceTime makes all the world of difference.

To everyone who has called, sent flowers, prayed, clapped your hands, beat a drum, lit incense or sent a positive thought, please know she feels you, hears you and knows that we are all cheering her own.  We will read and share with her messages left through the “Well Wishes” section of Caring Bridge. Please do not hesitate to post on here.

We, her children, will continue to update this site with weekly if not daily journal entries so that everyone has the latest and greatest. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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