Trey Lewis Merfeld

First post: Mar 7, 2020 Latest post: Dec 2, 2020
To understand the whole picture of our little miracle baby let us start from the beginning. Kristi and I have wanted to start a family almost instantly once we were married in 2017. We began trying on our own but had to eventually start infertility medication to help. Kristi was on her highest dose possible of Letrozole and we were finally able to conceive.

Now we have been exhausted with being new parents and unfortunately we were not given the time to really dive in to parenthood when we found out he had acute myeloid leukemia. Kristi has been the best mom ever and had the sense enough to send a picture of unusual lesions on Trey’s body to our pediatrician. The pediatrician and the dermatologist needed to do a biopsy to figure out what we were dealing with as they did not know without more info. Unfortunately, they called Kristi on 3/5/2020, while I was at work, and told her of his diagnosis and that he was to be admitted right away. Obviously, we are beyond heartbroken and as we write this for you all to read and follow we are breaking down in tears. We are trying to keep the faith but ask that all of our friends and family help in that aspect as we are struggling.

The outpouring of love and support from all of our family and friends has been overwhelming. We already knew we had a great support system but this is beyond what we would have thought. So thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent love and prayers our way. We appreciate it all.

More to come, please follow if you want to know more of Trey’s journey. Our good friend and Trey’s godmother Allison Lutz will be starting a GoFundMe page to help with costs and time away from work over the next 6-9 months. Again Kristi and I are so thankful for all of this. We are not ones to ask for help and Kristi is literally superwoman but we have to swallow our pride and let people help. There is also going to be a meal chain sheet if anyone wants to help in that way, our friend Kelsey Oye will be spearheading that. More to come.

Again thank you all!



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