Travis Mattox

First post: Apr 23, 2017 Latest post: Apr 22, 2018
Travis woke up on Saturday April 22 with something not right.  Amy was out of town so we don't exactly know what happened, but his words were slurred and he drove himself to the ER at St. Joseph Medical Center.  Somehow they called me and his brother Ron.  Ron got his other brother Don, Roberta (don's wife) and Travis's mom Delores in the car and headed up to KC.  Sue (Travis's sister) and Amy were in Vail for a girls weekend - we headed to the airport, 2 hours away to get on whatever flight we could to get home.  In the ER, they did a catscan and found that he most likely had a stroke and had a large blood clot in his brain.  They decided it was best to transport him to KU.  Amy's parents got to St. Joe and were able to see him before he was transported to KU.  Once here, they prepped him for surgery and went in to destroy the blood clot.  The surgery was faster than expected and very successful.  He went to ICU recovery.  By now, his family was here and able to see him.  Amy's parents also came up to visit.  Amy was able to get a little earlier flight than Sue, so she was able to get to the hospital by about 3:30 and Sue was shortly after by about 4:45.  Travis was awake and was able to see us both.  He was very tired yesterday and was in and out of sleep most of the day.  He had excellent movement on his left side and he is doing really well with his right leg but no movement yet on his right arm.  He is very slurred with words and can get a couple words out but can't make a sentence yet.  He is doing really well and good news will follow.